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Parents to Commemorate Son’s Birthday at Arlington Cemetery

By admin on September 8, 2011
Despite the passage of time, Bruce and Dolores Bordelon’s loss remains a fresh and present sorrow. Their son, 1st Sgt. Michael J. Bordelon, 37, died from injuries due to a roadside bombing in Mosul, Iraq, on May 10, 2005. First Sgt. Bordelon was from St. Mary’s Parish, Louisiana, and the father of three children. He was a member of the Stryker Brigade Combat Team. “He made it back to Brooke Army Medical Center (in San Antonio) and lived for two weeks. He had third degree burns,” his father said. The couple wanted to visit their son’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery on his birthday, November 2, and contacted Air Compassion for Veterans. Mission coordinator Robin Cron arranged a round-flight from their home in Louisiana to Washington, D.C. “You don’t know how much we appreciate it,” said Bordelon. One of the strengths of Air Compassion for Veterans is its ability to respond to calls like the Bordelons’ request with sensitivity and flexibility. The mission staff can step into almost any adverse situation concerning a military family that requires distant travel and arrange a charitable flight when the federal government, bound by bureaucratic constraints, cannot provide. The ACV family extends its heartfelt sympathy to the Bordelons and is honored to provide a flight for so worthy a cause as remembering a brave son and soldier who gave his life for all Americans.
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  1. CMSgt Ed Beard, USAF, Ret

    November 25th, 2011 at 06:22 pm

    We mourn for those who have given their all to defend freedom. In all the wars we have fought, there has been a “greatest generation” that answered the call to duty, honor and country. Will that sense of a cause higher than one’s self persist? When we lose it, we are done as the greatest nation that ever existed. A few days ago, I read where Senators Reid and Dodd visited the grave of the late Ted Kennedy who is buried at Arlington. I found it so very repulsive that Kennedy is laid to rest in such a sacred and hallowed ground. It is unfortunate that this cretin and his ilk are eligible for burial in Arlington. Can there be more heinous and ultimate insult to those who gave their all in America?

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